Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mrs. McFarland's Language Arts Classes

In Communication Arts, the students should have turned in their final copy of the Spooky Scary Story. As soon as all of them are turned in, a classroom anthology will be compiled for each child to receive. Mrs. McFarland has just completed reading the novel, Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen to the students. They are currently working on a writing activity in which they have to decide what five items they would want in a survival kit if they were stranded in the Canadian wilderness like the main character, Brian Robeson. These will be due next Monday (gold classes) and Tuesday (blue classes). A final test over the novel will be given to all the classes except for the gold second block group. Our next adventure story is Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen. There will be no spelling words assigned for next week. A new list will be given out on the week of November 2nd. These words include: barge, berth, blockade, clammy, cruise, fathom, galley, gusty, harpoon, intersect, jettison, latitude, marine, naval, navigate, and retaliate, scuba, shallow, submerged, and unceasing. These words will be tested on November 12 (gold classes) and November 13 (blue classes).