Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paws Team Update

In Social Studies, we are just now finishing our study of Ancient Egypt. Students will finish presenting their projects tomorrow. Ask your student how their presentation went. I was quite impressed with the amount of work most students put into their projects. On Monday and Tuesday, we will hand back the grading sheets from the project and finish each class with a Geography Bee contest.

In Communication Arts, the students will be working on an essay for the Martin Luther King, Jr. writing contest the next two weeks. The students are asked to write a personal story by telling how a person they know (could even be themselves) came to know somebody who was different in some important way, and how that encounter helped one or both of them overcome a misconception or pre-judgment. The students will be learning about Dr. King's life and purpose prior to the essay writing. The Springfield NAACP has included the guidelines on their website:

http://springfieldpublicschoolsmo.or/culturealdiversity/index.htm. The essays will be due December 4th to Mrs. McFarland so that she can enter them to the contest by December 8th. The writing entries will be judged by those involved in the contest and the top three winners will receive cash prizes of $100, $50, and $25. The essays will also be graded and entered in the grades for second quarter in Communication Arts.

In Mathematics, students are working in Chapter 4. I am seeing way too many students coming to class without their homework. Students will have homework each time they have math.

In Science, the students are finishing their Pangaea Lab and then completing a mineral investigation lab. We will begin our investigation of earthquakes next week and start preparing for our unit test the following week.

In Reading Exploratory, please make sure that your student is reading 100 minutes per week, writing three complete summaries, and having you sign the Reading Log. Please have students proofread and edit their summaries if it is not their best work. There will be no log due the week of Thanksgiving. This would be a good time for students to make up any missing reading logs.