Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paws Team Update

Remember, there will be no school on Monday (2-15-10) due to President’s Day.

The Carver PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) is looking for volunteers! Opportunities range from holding an officer position to helping out at an event to bringing donations of food for teacher events. If you are interested in being added to our email list (emails come approximately 1-2 times a month) to get information on volunteer activities, please email Kristina Brown, PTSA Secretary at If you are interested in attending our Carver PTSA Meetings, they are held on the second Monday of each month from 6-7pm in the Carver Library.

In Social Studies, the students crossword puzzle project will be due for Gold classes on Tuesday (2-16-10) Blue classes on Wednesday (2-17-10). I am attaching the information sheet about the project with this e-mail. If you have any questions please let me know. I encourage the students to use to complete this project. Students will have homework each time they have social studies class. If they say they are finished with it, please ask them to show it to you for verification.

We are completing our study of Chapter 4 over Ancient Greece. The students will be taking the test and turning in their folders on Monday (February 22) for gold classes and on Tuesday (February 23) for blue classes. The folder will include the following assignments:

1. Chapter 4 Section 1 (attached) (20 points)
2. Chapter 4 Section 2 (attached) (20 points)
3. Chapter 4 Section 3 (attached) (20 points)
4. Chapter 4 Section 4 (attached) (20 points) (blue classes will get this tomorrow-Friday)
5. Chapter 4 Study Guide (10 points) (will be assigned on Tuesday and Wednesday)
6. Chapter 4 Jeopardy (will be completed in class on Thursday and Friday) (10 points)

Please look on the back of your student’s worksheets to see the activities that we have completed in class. Students may use the 10 terms on the bottom of the study guide on the test. They need to write the terms and definitions/descriptions on a separate sheet of paper.

If you would like the answers to the review to help your student prepare for the test—just e-mail me back and I will send them to you.

In Communication Arts, the students have been given two graphic organizers to fill out for Tuesday 16th (Gold) and Wednesday 17th (Blue) to get them started on their rough drafts of their personal narrative. Mrs. McFarland has asked the students to show their graphic organizer to their parents and get them signed before next week. It would be great if parents could add some details to the ideas that their child has brought forth. The 6+1 Writing Traits that will be emphasized in the activity are "Voice" and "Organization". The students will read their completed personal narratives to the class the week of February 22nd. For some reason, the students this week have had a difficult time turning in their Number The Stars journal entry so please check with your child to make sure that they have theirs completed and turned in.

In Mathematics, we are still studying chapter 7. The test will not be until the last week of February, but there are 41 vocabulary words that go with this chapter. I have given the students class time and exploratory time to do the definitions, so they should all have a study guide completed. It would be great to start practicing the definitions now! All of the words will be on the test, and knowing the definitions will be a great help on the test concepts, too.

Please check your child’s grade. Students are doing an excellent job! Right now we have a 94% average! If your student doesn’t have a good grade, please check that they are current with all work and studying their vocabulary. Keep up the hard work!

In Science, due to a scheduling issue dealing with another school activity, our matter test has been rescheduled for next Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ll spend today and tomorrow reviewing for the test. The students should have notes and several handouts to help them review for the test. The past two classes have included experiments relating to chemical and physical changes in matter. Ask your child to explain what they did and what happened.

In Reading Exploratory, please make sure that your student is reading 100 minutes per week, writing three complete summaries, and having you sign the Reading Log (attached). Please have students proofread and edit their summaries if it is not their best work. There will be a reading log due every Friday.