Monday, May 24, 2010

Paws Team Update

Boys Soccer will play at Lake Country this FALL! Soccer will be done in the evenings and will not conflict with football practice! If your soon-to-be 7th or 8th grader is interested in playing soccer, please email Team Manager, Kristina Brown at with any questions! Registration is BEFORE school starts so we need to here from you now! Flyer attached.

In Social Studies, we are completing our study of the spread of Christianity. The folder/test over Chapter 10 will be due/taken on Thursday (gold classes) and on Friday (blue classes). The only change that might happen is if our Intramural Track Meet (scheduled for Wednesday) is canceled due to weather the blue classes will take the test on Wednesday. There is no study guide for this test. Because there is no study guide for the test—the students may use the textbook and all of their Chapter 10 worksheets on the test. I felt this was a fair exchange.

Chapter 10 Folder—60 points
1. Chapter 10 Section 1 (attached)—20 points
2. Chapter 10 Section 2 (attached)—20 points
3. Chapter 10 Section 3 (attached)—20 points

Several students have not turned in their textbook. The replacement cost of the textbook is $60.35. If the book needs to be rebound, the cost is $7.70. Please check with your student to make sure they have turned in all textbooks.

In Communication Arts
this week the students will be finishing the novel, Zach's Lie by Roland Smith. The final activity for the book will be a writing activity done in the classroom as a final test. All textbooks will be checked into Mrs. McFarland on Tuesday 25th for Gold Classes and Wednesday 26th for Blue Classes. Please make sure your child has turned in his $75.00 Literature book to Mrs. McFarland. All books that are not turned in will have to be paid for by the student before the end of the school year. Mrs. McFarland will be teaching a summer ELP Reading class at Cherokee starting June 7th. Several Carver students qualified to be in this class and if you have received the paperwork to enter your child in this class, please fill it out promptly and return it to the location directed on the form. Mrs. McFarland looks forward to working with your child this summer if they have qualified.

In Mathematics, we are reviewing ratios, bar graphs, and probability this week. Be sure to check the grade sheet, and make sure you have all late work turned in by Friday. It’s been a great year, and we want to end the year with the best grades possible!

In SCIENCE, the students will receive their graded planet packets back Monday or Tuesday of this week. A short test over this info will be Thursday or Friday of this week. We started our investigation of Electricity last week and will continue to study that topic the remainder of the school year. Today we investigated series circuits and will explore parallel circuits, conductors, and insulators during our next class.

In Reading Exploratory, please make sure that your student is reading 100 minutes per week, writing three complete summaries, and having you sign the Reading Log (attached). Please have students proofread and edit their summaries if it is not their best work. The last reading log of the school year will be due Friday.