Friday, March 5, 2010

Paws Team Update

In Social Studies, we are continuing our study of Ancient Greek culture. Ask your student to share the fable they have written. Ask for them to tell you about the great philosopher Socrates. Students will present a project at the completion of our study of Chapter 5. The project and presentation will take the place of the test for Chapter 5. I will attach the project sheet with this e-mail. The project will be similar to the one we completed over Ancient Egypt. Blue classes will get the information about the project on Monday; gold classes got their information sheets today. The projects are due on Friday (3-12) for gold classes and on Monday (3-15) for blue classes. Students will continue to have homework each time they have social studies. Please ask to see the completed assignment for verification.

In Communications Arts the students are continuing to prepare for the upcoming MAP testing. The students have been asked to take their MAP prep activities home for their parents to look over. Spelling Test 10 will be given to Blue classes on Thursday, March 11 and Gold classes on Friday, March 12. The "Pioneer Life" words include: anvil, barrow, bounty, buckshot, chink, cultivate, employ, enable, expand, flail, ford, foresee, grizzly, liniment, pemmican, quill schooner, stockade, and vulture. The Language Arts Department will be sending in entries to LAD fair on March 12. If any child has a piece of writing they would like to add to the ones that Mrs. McFarland has already designated as entering, please let her know.

In Mathematics, we are working on chapter 8, covering ratio and proportions. It would be a good idea to start reviewing the chapter vocabulary. We will finish the chapter next week, and test the 15th and 16th. We continue to prepare for the MAP, which will start the week we return from spring break. Please check with your child about supplies. Many students are running low on pencils and paper. Have a great weekend!

In Science, the students are investigating the principles related to forces and motion. This week students have graphed speed, completed a ball drop lab, measured items using spring scales, and are now in the middle of a lab attempting to determine the speed of a variety of vehicles.

In Reading Exploratory, please make sure that your student is reading 100 minutes per week, writing three complete summaries, and having you sign the Reading Log (attached). Please have students proofread and edit their summaries if it is not their best work. There will be a reading log due every Friday.