Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paws Team Update

The end of the 3rd quarter is next Friday (3-19-10). All missing work and late work must be turned in by Friday (3-19-10) to be included in the 3rd quarter grading period. The following week is spring break. The week we return from spring break we will begin the MAP Test. Here are the tests and dates:

Communication Arts MAP Test will be taken on
Wednesday-March 31
Thursday-April 1
Tuesday-April 6
Mathematics MAP Test will be taken on
Thursday-April 8
Friday-April 9

In Social Studies, we are completing our study of Ancient Greek culture. Students will present their projects on Friday (3-12) for gold classes and on Monday (3-15) for blue classes. I will attach the project sheet with this e-mail. They will turn in all of the work we have done for this chapter prior to making their presentations.
Chapter 5 Folder-80 points
1. Chapter 5 Section 1
2. Chapter 5 Section 2
3. Chapter 5 Section 3
4. Chapter 5 Section 4

In Communication Arts, Mrs. McFarland is pleased to announce that these students have been selected to have writing entries in the upcoming Language Arts Department Fair at Willard High School on April 24th. The students are: Arylle Kathcart, Aki Fong, Kevin Lewis, Virginia Davison, Paige Wilcox, Sammy Gardner, Merrick Altis, Autumn Nelson, Haylie Kiser, Payton McDaniel, Sabrina Steffins, Austin Tyler, Madisson Terry, Cassidy Evans, Cassie Curtis, Noah Tews, Izzy Yandell, Kevin Jean, Aaqila Johnson, Brayden Jones, Courtney Cummins, Ashton Hawkins, Hailee Pederson, Alexis Lambeth, Kylie Meeker, Jimmy Gove, Kyle Brown, and Molly Eagan. Congratulations to all of our Paws Team authors! Way to go!

In Mathematics, we will be taking the chapter 8 test on Monday for Blue, and Tuesday for Gold classes. This chapter includes ratios and proportions, which is difficult material. There is a study guide on pages 442-444 (skip sections 6,8,&9). It includes vocabulary, examples and questions. It is a great study tool, and is part of the assignment due on test day. Worksheet 8-8 is also due test day. Have a great weekend, and remember to study for the test!

In Science, the students just completed their “Race Car Speed Lab.” We are beginning our investigation of Newton’s three laws of gravity. We will have a small test next week over the speed portion of our unit and the basics of Newton’s Laws.

In Reading Exploratory, please make sure that your student is reading 100 minutes per week, writing three complete summaries, and having you sign the Reading Log (attached). Please have students proofread and edit their summaries if it is not their best work. There will be a reading log due every Friday.