Friday, September 18, 2009

In Communication Arts, we had our first Spelling Test this week and did not do so well. It was apparent that the students did not study for the test. So next week those students who made a C-, D, or F will be writing their words 10 times each and retaking the test. Please look over your child's Spelling Test and practice with them if they need to retake the test. Mrs. McFarland has required that all students get their tests signed for a grade by Sept. 25th. A new Spelling List 2 will be given out Oct. 5th and 6th. The words for Spelling List 2 include: admonish, aid, antidote, capsize, caustic, complacent, deter, extinguish, faulty, hasty, hazardous, lethal, mishap, obstacle, oncoming, pedestrian, precaution, purify, restraint, scald, and ventilation.

Linda McFarland
Carver Middle School