Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Language Arts

In Language Arts we are continuing to extend the learning and skills that were taught in the elementary program, as well as, introduce new skills. Listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, spelling and study skills are taught on a daily basis. Students need to be bring their Literature book every day they have Language Arts class and they also need to carry their library books to each class to read when their work is completed. A Fall Journal will be assigned the third week of school and students will write their thoughts and ideas in response to a suggested writing prompt. The Fall Journals are due Oct. 16th. Spelling Tests will be given every two weeks and the students are expected to study their words on a regular basis. A variety of assignments will be given to achieve success and to maintain a high interest in this course. Parents will need to continually check their child's assignment book (handbook) and discuss with them what assignments are finished and what assignments need to be completed. Academic success is the goal and together we can accomplish this.