Friday, September 11, 2009

Language Arts Activities for Mrs. McFarland's classes

In Language Arts, the students will be having Spelling Test 1 over these words on Sept. 17 (Gold) and Sept. 18 (Blue): accelerator, alternate, axle, compartment, conserve, decelerate, departure, descend, destination, detour, excursion, impassable, inspection, maneuver, mechanical, neutral, odometer, portable, terrain, and yield. We have started our big project for the quarter which is the Fall Journal. Your student has a sheet explaining the journal and they should've asked you by now to sign it. Thank you if you have done this. The Fall Journal will be worked on in class everyday and should only be done as homework if the child gets behind. Some students have requested to type their journal, that is okay, but not necessary. The journals are due Oct. 16th and will be worth 100 points. Please continue to check your child's assignment book because the sixth graders have had some late assignments this week and the most common reason for not turning it in on time has been, "Oh, I forgot it was due today." Also, Mrs. McFarland checks the assignment books weekly for a parent signature on the Friday line. The students get $10 cub cash for each Friday signature.